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Infinity Night Sight Endorsements

Law Enforcement

Infinity Night Sight Endorsements

Precision Shooters

These are by far the best night sights I've ever used. I've never had a faster or clearer sight picture acquisition in the 35 years I've been shooting. Especially with older eyes. I'll be adding them to my other pistols.


Vicky S.

I was a bit skeptical about these sights, but after I put them on my Glock 19 I never want to go back to stock sights

vicky s.

Vicky S.

I've tested these by practicing clearing my house in the dark with my TLR-1 HL and they do not wash out like my tritium sights do. The contrasting green/red sight colors speed up sight picture acquisition. Not having to replace them when they grow dim like tritium sights is a huge plus

ron p.

I've been spoiled with these sights. I don't want to shoot without them. I want these on all my firearms.

Sue k.

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