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infinity night sights
infinity night sights


Since the introduction of night sights in the mid 1980s there has been no innovation in night sight technology.

The team at Infinity Night Sights has designed the brightest night sights in the world using Ultraviolet light technology.

Team Infinity has designed night sights that overcome the three major weaknesses of tritium based sights.

  1. Tritium sights wash out in low to no lights levels when used in conjunction with a flashlight or weapons mounted light

  2. Tritium has one color. Not all eyes pick up the same colors equally and lack of contrast is a limiting factor

  3. Tritium sights grow dim and have to be replaced every 5-7 years

Shooting Target
Tritium fiber optic vs. Infinity Night Sights

and they will not wash out!

Tritium vs Infinity Night Sights

Below we have tritium fiber optic sights on the left and Infinity Night Sights on the right. We progress from a low light with Infinity Night Sights turned off to low light with Infinity Night Sights turned on.

Tritium fiber optic vs. Infinity night sights

Finally, we have the sights in complete darkness with the use of a flashlight.

Shooting Practice

Powered by a CR1220 button cell battery, Infinity Night Sights will always be as bright as you need them to be.


Long battery life - 80+ hours. Batteries cost less than 50 cents and are easy to change


Brightest Glock Night Sights

Its time to upgrade your firearm with the best night sights available

Infinity Night Sights.

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